Meet with a Global Studies Advisor

In adherence with campus directives, the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences department (ISSP) (which houses the Global Studies, Political Economy majors and legacy majors such as Development Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Asia Studies, Latin American Studies, and Peace and Conflict Studies, as well as minors in Global Studies, Human Rights, and Political Economy) will be offering virtual advising appointments in lieu of in-person appointments. We remain committed to serving our students during this time and our offices will operate remotely for the time being. You can schedule a virtual advising appointment with one of our advisers by visiting CalCentral.

  • if you are a current UCB student, click here
  • If you are a non-UCB student, click here
  • Meet with a Peer Advisor, click here

For a step-by-step guide to scheduling an appointment with an advisor via CalCentral, please review this Infographic.

ISSP Advisors: You can find the contact information for each advisor and the programs they advise here.

Zoom Meeting (Includes Phone): Your appointment will be conducted through Zoom. Review instructions to sign into your UC Berkeley Zoom account (link is external). Once you book an appointment, an event will be created for you in your bCal if you use your Berkeley email address and you will also receive a confirmation email with information on how to join your appointment.

Phone Appointment: Your appointment will be conducted via a phone. Please email your adviser your phone number so he/she can call you at the scheduled appointment time.

Google Hangouts Appointment: Your appointment will be conducted via Google Hangouts. Google Hangouts does not require any software to be downloaded. On the left panel of your bmail, you will see your name, click on the + sign, enter your advisor’s name to initiate the Google Hangout session. Once your adviser accepts the invitation, your advising session will begin.

Skype Appointment: Skype appointments are reserved for students abroad or otherwise out of town. If you meet that criteria and would like to schedule a meeting via Skype, email your Skype ID to your advisor at least one hour before your appointment.

Appointment No Show/Cancellation Policy: When you make an appointment, we set aside that time specifically for you. Only schedule an appointment that you are certain you can attend, as no-shows and last minute cancellations prevent us from assisting other students.

Canceling appointments: If you are not able to attend your appointment, you must cancel it in advance online or contact your advisor by email.

Arriving late to your scheduled appointment: If you know you will be late to your appointment, you must notify your advisor by email. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your appointment and have not notified your advisor, the appointment will be cancelled and you will need to re-schedule another appointment online.

No Show: If you do not show up to TWO or more appointments with an advisor, the department reserves the right to cancel any future appointments.

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