Global Studies Minor

The minor in Global Studies provides an opportunity to study one of five regions of the world within the context of Globalization: (1) Europe and Russia; (2) Africa, North and Sub-Saharan; (3) The Americas; (4) The Middle East and North Africa; (5) Asia.

Minor Requirements
Lower Division:

Foreign Language:
None (strongly encouraged)

Upper Division:
5 Courses

Choose one Disciplinary course from the list of Disciplinary courses from Appendix A1, A2 or A3:

Choose one of the required area courses in your region:

GLOBAL 110E (Europe and Russia)
GLOBAL 110K (Africa)
GLOBAL 110L (The Americas)
GLOBAL 110M (The Middle East)
GLOBL 110Q (Asia)

Choose any three courses that align with your chosen region from either Appendix B1, B2 or B3. The three courses you choose must be from the same region, but may from any of the B appendices. Ex/ one course from appendix B1 and two courses from appendix B2.

Completing the Minor

To apply for the minor, students must have completed at least one course for the minor at UCB with a grade of B or better, or have completed at least two courses for the minor (not necessarily at UCB) with a minimum GPA of 2.0, and not be in the final semester of undergraduate work. Completed applications are accepted during fall and spring semesters beginning the third week of instruction and through the last day of RRR week (not the last day of finals). During the summer, applications are accepted from early June to mid-August. Check the Global Studies website for semester-specific dates of application acceptance.

Minor Rules:

  • No more than two courses may be taken from the same department
  • All courses counting for the minor must be taken for a letter grade
  • A minimum of three courses must be taken at UC Berkeley. All transfer courses must be approved by an advisor
  • GLOBAL 197, 198 and 199 cannot be used to fulfill minor requirements
  • A minimum GPA of 2.0 must be achieved in all course work used to satisfy the minor requirements
  • Only one course can count for both a major and a minor

A complete Global Studies minor application consists of:

  • Minor Application Form and Program Worksheet
  • The “The Completion of L&S Minor” form signed by the student and the major advisor
More Information
This description is for introductory purposes only. Students interested in completing a Global Studies minor should consult with a Global Studies advisor.

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