IAS 194.1

Senior Seminar in International and Area Studies

IAS 194.1 Senior Seminar in International and Area Studies: Nations and Empires in the Global 20th Century

Restrictions: By category

CCN: 46511

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: Th 4-6PM, 211 DWINELLE

Final Exam Group: None

Instructor: David Beecher

This seminar examines the clash and interplay of nations and empires in the 20th century. We begin with a survey of types of empires and nations in world history. Next we will look at all those ways in which nations challenged, questioned, and undermined imperialism from the emergence of the nation-state to decolonization. Finally, we will look more closely at 3 new nation-based ideological empires that took the world by storm in the 20th century ? Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the United States ? to better understand the vexed relationship between nation and empire in our globalized world today.

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