Survey of World History

GLOBAL 45 Survey of World History
Restrictions: Undergraduate students and by category Class #: 25685 Units/Credit: 4 Time/Location: TuTh; 11:00am-12:30pm / 2050 VLSB Final Exam Group: 9 – Wednesday, 12/16/2020 – 8-11am Instructor: Alan Karras
This course focuses on the history of global interaction, with a particular emphasis on the relationships between states and societies. Though it begins with a brief exploration of antiquity, it emphasizes world developments since the 15th century. The purpose of the course is to gain a better understanding of the rise and decline of states, empires, and international trading systems. Taking a panoramic view of the last 500 years, it explores the ways in which disparate places came closer together, even while it seeks to explain how those places maintained their own trajectories in the face of outside intervention.

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