GLOBAL 24.002

Global South in the NY Times: Reading like an Anthropologist

GLOBAL 24.002 Freshman Seminar In Global Studies


Class #: 23188
Units/Credit: 1 (P/NP)

Time/Location: Tu: 3:00-4:00pm – 78 Barrows

Final Exam Group: None

Instructor: Clare Talwalker

This Global Studies Freshman Seminar will examine the media itself as a powerful shaping influence on our view of the world and the global market. It will also introduce students to the scholarly discussion of capitalist transformation. Open only to freshmen, this seminar will consider how the media covers the economies of the Global South through daily reading of the New York Times. Where news coverage favors an economistic approach (focusing on such things as markets, international trade, labor conditions, consumers), we will learn about different terms for these same topics offered up by a social and cultural lens.

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