Terrorism and Counterterrorism

GLOBAL 176 Terrorism and Counterterriorism


CCN: 39034

Units/Credit: 4

Time/Location: W 2:00-5:00pm / 209 Dwinelle

Final Exam Group: 6 – Tuesday, 5/8/2018 / 11:30am-2:30pm

Instructor: Bruce Newsome

This course will describe the issues, policies and practices of counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency. Terrorism continues to increase in frequency and lethality. Insurgency too is more frequent and deadly (insurgency now is riskier than terrorism). The actors and methods increasingly overlap, so that terrorism and insurgency practically must be studied together. This course examines the concepts, history, motivations and methods of terrorism and insurgency, and ways in which the counter-terrorist and counter-insurgent side counter those motivations and methods, navigating the legal and ethical bounds.

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